Think Before You Accept Invitations

Think Before You Accept Invitations

Yesterday, I accepted a Linkedin invitation to connect from a person whose invitation met my screening criteria:

  • He personalized his invitation.
  • He had his picture on his profile.
  • He had completed his profile enough that I could reasonably screen out scams.
  • He was in an industry that I had worked with in the past.

Shortly after I accepted his invitation, I received a heavy-duty sales message.He lost any hope of ever conducting business with me.

It surprised me, but it didn’t.

Something in the back of my mind had said “maybe this isn’t a good idea,” but I didn’t take heed.

It was like the time I parked my car and had heard that same “maybe not” in the back of my mind.

When I came out, I had a crumpled fender.

The role of instinct in sound decision-making is often downplayed, but ignoring our instincts is not in our best interests.

I’m curious, what role do instincts play in terms of your decision-making on Linkedin? Please comment below. So we can all learn.

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