Does Your Linkedin Profile Say, “I’m the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?”

Does Your Linkedin Profile Say, “I’m the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?”

When your ideal prospect lands on your Linkedin profile, does he or she know instantly that you’re the solution for their problems? A strong LinkedIn profile communicates your solutions to the problems of the people who are the most likely to buy from you.

Here are three actionable tips with examples for writing a solutions-based profile:

  1. Position your Who, What, and Why in the first four lines of your summary. For example:
    1. I help small business owners build irresistible brands and promote them on Linkedin without feeling contrived, forced or phony.
    2. As a small business owner, your personal brand is your business brand. You have to get it right.
  2. Make your profile client-centric. Address their specific problems or challenges. For example:
    • You don’t generate enough leads on a consistent basis.
    • You wear too many hats to waste time building social media buzz by trial and error.
    • You know it takes time to build visibility and credibility, but you need clients now!
  3. Identify the results they can expect from your solutions such as:
    • Build a powerful online presence that generates leads in just minutes a day.
    • Learn to attract a steady stream of clients and customers who are a 100% right fit.
    • Establish your expertise with the people who are most likely to buy from you.

By building a client-centric profile, you signal to your ideal clients and customers that they’re in the right place to find solutions to their most pressing problems. That means you must be clear on who your clients are, their most pressing problems, and buying behaviors before you build your profile.

To gain more clarity about your target audience, check out our PowerPoint, “Attract and Engage Your Ideal Clients with a Customer Avatar,” along with an Avatar worksheet.

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