5 Ways to Build Your Credibility on LinkedIn

5 Ways to Build Your Credibility on LinkedIn

Your credibility will flat out make you or break you on Linkedin. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s earned one interaction at a time.

Unfortunately, your credibility can be destroyed in a flash and rebuilding it could take a long time or be impossible.

When I was in the 5th grade I partnered with “Mary,” a neighbor and classmate, on a project for the annual science fair.

Demonstrating amazing creativity, we built a papier-mâché model of a volcano.

Science fairs were important in my family, so I spent days in the library under my parents’ tutelage learning about volcanos and writing a report. On the day of the science fair, I was ready and eager to answer the judges’ questions.

But they didn’t ask me anything.

They asked Mary what she knew about volcanos. You know what she said?

In Hawaii, they throw girls into volcanos to please the Gods.

I wanted to rip her head off.
There’s a lot of talk these days about how to gain more visibility on social media, and that’s an important discussion. But there’s no point in gaining more visibility if you’re not perceived as credible.

Credibility is the difference between making a sale today and building a relationship that provides income over time.

Try these five trust-building strategies to build credibility on-line and off:

  1. Be an expert. Write and speak about topics you really know. People are fed up with so-called experts who don’t know their stuff. Always go for quality over quantity.
  2. Get clear on your personal brand before you post content. Asking yourself whether you’re on-brand or off-brand helps you stay authentic and consistent day in and day out.
  3. When you engage with prospects, be open about your strengths and weaknesses. Be straightforward about what you can and cannot (or will not) deliver. Be willing to refer when appropriate
  4. Be accountable. If you’ve promised to provide a recommendation, meet offline, or make a referral. Do it!
  5. Take a stand. People respect people who express their opinions. Just remember to back it up with facts.

Building and maintaining credibility isn’t limited to prospects and clients. You also need to maintain credibility with your colleagues and partners.

I was Mary’s partner on this project. I just didn’t want to look trite or stupid.

I wouldn’t have used this word then, but I felt undermined.

Mary never got a chance to embarrass me again.

Dumont Owen, Ph.D. builds personal brands that help small business owners generate 100% right-fit leads, clients, and opportunities. A storyteller at heart, she puts her unique stamp on the process of personal branding and Linkedin marketing. A certified Master Personal Brand Strategist and Social Media (Linkedin) Analyst, she helps her clients promote their brands on Linkedin.

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