10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn

10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn

Try combining a few of the following suggestions to keep your content fresh.

  1. Tips: Everyone likes tips… especially those that are practical, easy to implement and solve a problem. Try sending out at least one tip a week to keep abreast of your network and provide them with the benefit of your expertise.Success Tip: When you post a status update, you can link it to your Twitter account for more exposure.
  2. Quotes: The key to sending out quotes is to share only those that are both motivational and meaningful to your target audience. Here’s one of my favorite quotes related to personal branding.
    “At the center of your being, you have the answer: You know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu
  3. Links to YouTube videos: Videos are enormously popular… particularly those that are both practical and instructional. A good example is this video by Amanda Rose: 5 EASY Steps to Create a Personal Brand.Success Tip: Link to videos that are under 2 ½ minutes and tightly focused on your target audience.
  4. What you’re reading: Book reviews and recommendations provide a real service to your target audience and position you as a valuable resource at the same time.Success Tip: Become an Amazon affiliate and build a passive income stream when readers click through to order the books you’ve recommended.
  5. Resources: We all love cool tools and resources, but we often don’t have time to find them ourselves. Fill a need for your target audience by reviewing and recommending resources that will save them time and/or money.According to HootSuite,50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a resource when making purchases, and 76% prefer to work with recommendations from their own LinkedIn network.

    Success Tip: When you have posted several tools and resources, repurpose them as a resource guide, slide presentation or video.

  6. Photos taken at business, professional, and networking events: These make you human and increase your engagement with your audience.Success Tip: Tag your pictures by typing @ in the post box. A list of contacts will appear. Click on the name of the person or persons you wish to tag.
  7. Newsworthy announcements about you or your company: According to LinkedIn, up to 57% of LinkedIn users are interested in company information. Format it like a press release and be sure to include a photo to increase engagement.Success Tip: Use images. Updates with images result in a 98% higher comment rate than updates without images.
  8. Statistics: According to a recent (2016) post by the Nemo Media Group, LinkedIn’s internal marketing team found that status updates that include statistics get 162% more impressions and a 37% higher click-through rate than those that don’t. Cool beans!Success Tip: Statistics change often and much of what you see on the web is outdated. Be sure to track down the most recent references you can find.
  9. SlideShare presentations: According to DMR, as of January 2017, there were 70 million users on Slideshare, and as of February 2014 over 41% of marketers used Slideshare to distribute content.To post a status update from Slideshare, Just click the share arrow and select LinkedIn. It will open up a status update for you with the picture of the slide show already included.

    Success Tip: Slideshare automatically creates a transcript when you upload your presentation to provide greater accessibility and search engine optimization.

    Status updates posted by your network: Sharing updates and articles posted by members of your network is a two-for-one deal: It increases visibility for both you and the person who created the content.

    Success Tip: Get some “share buddies”. I tell the clients in my small group programs to share each other’s updates. Give it a try. If you liked this article pass it along by clicking on the “share arrow”.

Dumont Owen, Ph.D. builds personal brands that help small business owners generate 100% right-fit leads, clients, and opportunities. A storyteller at heart, she puts her unique stamp on the process of personal branding and Linkedin marketing. A certified Master Personal Brand Strategist and Social Media (Linkedin) Analyst, she helps her clients promote their brands on Linkedin.

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