10 Tips for Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn

10 Tips for Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn

I just had a phone call from a former career coaching client who started his dream job last month. After a long career in consulting, he wanted to transition to a permanent position that required less travel and allowed more time with his family. He got a great job with a really elite employer.

The problem: His old colleagues in consulting are contacting him to find out about job referrals and leads. He doesn’t feel comfortable doing this until he is acclimated to the job and knows the lay of the land – not to mention that it’s always overwhelming starting a new job. He wanted to know if he could block an individual contact.

You can block a contact by going to their profile, clicking on “More …” and scrolling down to Report/Block this contact. Be aware that this will disconnect you, if you were connected, and prevent you from messaging each other.

You never know when you’re going to need those contacts. A better way might be to compose a short message and send it out to his former colleagues explaining his current circumstances. Or he could keep it handy to cut and paste as a response.

Anyone think differently? Please comment below.

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