Linkedin Services

linkedin Services

That’s 2X more than Facebook or Twitter!

So why are you banging your head against the wall, trying to find high-quality business leads on other social media platforms when LinkedIn is a B2B lead generating machine?

The average yearly income on LinkedIn is $109,000, more than twice that of Twitter or Facebook.

That means that the leads you develop on LinkedIn, are not only predisposed to purchase your services, but they can also afford them!

Whether you’re looking for a LinkedIn profile or full-blown lead generation system, we’ve got you covered.

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Profile Audit

Your buyers are looking for you on LinkedIn. Can they find you?

They’re seeking your services to help with their biggest problems and challenges. Does your profile say you’re the solution?

Are you confident in your writing skills but need the feedback of a LinkedIn expert?

We’ll review your LinkedIn profile with you and suggest improvements that will attract and engage your ideal clients. You’ll receive a video recording of our review session to guide you through your edits.


This Do-It-Yourself service includes:

  • A step-by-step guide with instructions for clarifying your brand and writing each section of your profile.
  • A Zoom session to review your profile and make recommendations. You’ll receive a video of your session to refer to as you build your new and improved profile.
  • Our exclusive LinkedIn Toolkit with guides to LinkedIn character limits, privacy settings,and keywords.
  • Worksheets for writing your headlines and the About section on your LinkedIn profile (previously called the Summary).

If you’re confident in your writing abilities and want the input of a seasoned professional, The LinkedIn Profile Audit is for you.

Your investment: $157.00

All Star LinkedIn Profile (Done-For-You)

(LinkedIn Profile + private coaching.)

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile tells your brand story in a powerful way that stands out from the competition and 2X the number of times you show up in searches.

Your All-Star LinkedIn Profile will communicate your brand value in a voice that resonates with your ideal clients and engages them from the moment they land on your profile.


Our process.

D&A (Graph)
  1. On our initial call, we’ll clarify your brand voice and position you in the marketplace.
  2. You’ll complete our LinkedIn Profile Questionnaire to clarify your brand, your ideal clients, your products/services, and key messages.
  3. You’ll receive a draft of your All-Star profile.
  4. We’ll hop online to review your draft and fine-tune the details.
  5. You’ll receive the final proof.
  6. We’ll upload your final copy to your profile and keyword optimize it to make it easy for you ideal clients to find you.

We’re not finished until you’re satisfied.

Total Investment: $457

Lucrative LinkedIn Lead Generator

LinkedIn is complicated, and it can be overwhelming if you’re going it alone. Our signature package gives you everything you need to create an effective LinkedIn strategy that nets the total results you’re seeking.

In this high-tech, high-touch package, you’ll get 12 hours of private coaching, unlimited email support, and 3 hours of video coaching This includes all the marketing materials, tools, and resources you need to build your LinkedIn pipeline.

This package includes laser coaching between sessions for questions/challenges that can be addressed in 15 minutes and keep you moving forward.

With this complete LinkedIn package, you’ll:

  • Never make a cold call again!
  • Stand out in a sea of competition with an irresistible brand.
  • Build a pipeline of highly qualified leads who are eager to talk with you and predisposed to purchase your services.
  • Eliminate the last-minute search for content and stay visible with your target audience with a customized content marketing calendar.
  • Build relationships and trust through personalized invitations and customized messaging sequences.
  • Eliminate overwhelm with a customized playbook that guides your daily lead generation activities and produces results in just 20 minutes a day.

The Lucrative Linkedin Lead Generator provides you with the strategy, plans, marketing materials, and tools to build a network of your ideal clients and nurture them throughout the buyer’s journey:

With this package you get:

  • Private Coaching: (12 hours) to build your brand strategy, and marketing materials.
  • Video Coaching: (2 1/2) hours) for brand clarification and promotion.
  • 3D bio: A 3-dimensional personal marketing tool that helps you manage your business growth. It’s a true representation of the unique value you offer.
  • All-Star LinkedIn profile: A client-centered profile, fully branded and optimized to place you higher in Google search results, attract your ideal clients, and compel them to take the next step in your sales funnel.
  • Brand Communication Plan: We’ll pinpoint the best communication vehicles for you (what you’re good at and enjoy doing) that are effective for reaching your target audience and promote your main content theme(s).
  • 12-Month Content Calendar: Eliminate the last-minute scramble for content, establish your thought leadership, and position yourself as a reliable resource who is always “in the know.”
  • Repurposing plan: Save time and reach new audiences by repurposing your best content in new formats and across social media platforms.
  • Customized search strings: Improve your ability to find the 100% right-fit clients you’re seeking.
  • Customized messaging templates: A sequence of invitations and messaging templates that build trust and turn cold contacts into warm leads.
  • Daily Playbook: Your step-by step guide for generating leads in 20 minutes a day.
  • KPI tracker: We’ll help you identify the correct key performance indicators to analyze your success and make course corrections as needed.

We offer Done-With-You (You write, I edit) and Done-For-You options for all marketing documents and profiles.

I am 100% committed to your success.

Creating and implementing a LinkedIn lead generation strategy can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do this alone.

I designed my Lucrative LinkedIn Lead Generator to provide you with the personal branding and LinkedIn strategies that will guarantee you a predictable stream of high-quality clients and revenue.

As a small business owner, you wear too many hats to generate social media buzz by trial and error. That’s why I only take 6 Total Results clients at a time, so I can focus on creating the best strategies, marketing materials, and tools to produce a high return on your investment.

Master Personal Brand & Digital Branding Strategist.

Schedule more sales calls and generate more revenue on a consistent basis.

All without feeling phony, pushy or salesy.

With the Lucrative LinkedIn Lead Generator, you’ll generate more leads, more clients and more revenue …and still have time for a life.

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