Use Quora to Research Content That Your Ideal Clients Will Love

Use Quora to Research Content That Your Ideal Clients Will Love

Do you find it daunting to produce high-value content that your ideal clients will love?

It’s not like you have a ton of extra time to research their burning questions, right?

While nothing replaces talking to your clients or prospects directly, Quora offers a lot of insight into the questions they’re asking online.

To find questions that have been asked on Quora about a specific topic, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Go to Quora and enter a question in the search screen

In the example below, I used “What is the best way to generate more leads on Linkedin?”

Step 2: Select a question from the drop-down screen that best represents the question you enter and has multiple responses.

In this case, I selected the question that matched mine and had 100 answers.

Step 3: Scroll through the questions and responses. You’ll see the original question you asked along with related questions that give you further insight.

In this example, there are questions related specifically to how to expand lead generation activities on your business page and the best tools for generating leads on Linkedin. In just this short sample of three questions, I have two new topics for content.

And that’s it. Remember, no online tool replaces talking to your clients and prospects, but these five tools are great jumping-off places.

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