How’s Your Lead Generation Strategy Working For You?

Your ability to generate high quality leads has everything to do with how clear you are about your personal brand.

A powerful personal brand communicates your unique value to prospective clients and differentiates you in the marketplace. It’s the key to consistently connecting, engaging and converting contacts to clients.

With a Dumont & Associates power brand and customized lead generation strategy, you’ll get more leads, more clients and more revenue on LinkedIn, day in and day out.

It’s that simple.

…and that powerful.

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Personal Branding

Stand out with a personal brand that communicates your unique value and resonates deeply with your ideal clients.

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Attract more high-quality leads with a LinkedIn profile or complete lead generation system.

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Learn about personal branding, lead generation, content marketing, social, and LinkedIn.

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Meet Dumont


As a coach, I know what it’s like to struggle to find clients who are a right-fit, motivated to change and willing to invest in their future.

I know because I’ve been there.

My first attempt at building a business failed. After over twenty years directing career centers in higher education, I heeded the siren’s call of being my own boss and left to start a private practice.

I had some OK years, but it was tough. I had clients, but not enough of them and not on a regular basis, and I struggled to maintain a predictable stream of revenue.

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What Our Clients Say



Dumont helped me understand my personal brand and how to promote it on social media. Her experience, knowledge and tools helped me identify me most marketable attributes and build a powerful personal brand. She recently helped me fine-tune my LinkedIn profile and build a marketing plan for social media. I recommend her to anyone who wants help with personal branding or LinkedIn.



Working with Dumont is an excellent way to key into your brand . Dumont is an excellent teacher on LinkedIn . She helps you build your platform that is truly you. What I am grateful for is that Dumont takes the time to understand who I am and guides me to help my clients and customers. If you are looking for someone to assist you in branding set up a appointment



Most engaging, Dumont walked me through some processes to improve my web presence via Linkedin. She asked very poignant questions and offered real life solutions to my very immediate needs.Personable and concerned about each client achieving success, Dumont is definitely a coach you want guiding you to a life of success and career fulfillment



Dumont is always willing to go out of her way to help others. During my first call with Dumont I remember hearing “What can I do to help you?” She is truly networking looking to help others, which is rare. We worked together on a project at Lorain County Community College where Dumont shared her expertise with students and community members



Dumont’s guidance and support helped me clarify my options and goals. She continually inspired me with support coupled with an emphasis on personal authenticity and accountability. Dumont helped bolster my self-esteem, giving me tools to succeed.



This is a great program for anyone looking to brand yourself or your company. Dumont is very knowledgeable, helpful and informative. She helped me assess my brand and promote it on Linkedin. I landed two new clients before I even finished the program.



Dumont is an absolute gem! She is always learning new techniques that she uses to help you succeed in gaining the results you want. She gave me a clearer understanding of my strengths as well as how to use storytelling to present my accomplishments. I can’t thank her enough and recommend her services highly.



I truly wish that EVERYONE had someone like Dumont in their lives. As a coach, she is focused, hard-working, and a rock when it comes to being supportive. From time to time, most of us need someone to keep us on track, to stay on our backs, and to be humane and caring. Dumont is that person. I bless the day she came into my life, and we have grown from a business relationship to a mutual support network which manifests itself in more ways than I can name. I couldn’t recommend her work any more strongly than I do. She truly cares about her work and her clients.



Dr. Owen was extremely knowledgeable about LinkedIn and helped me understand connections, groups, relationships and how to grow my business.



Dumont knows LinkedIn like nobody else. Before I started working with her, my business was going well, but I was ready to step up my game. I was already active on Facebook, but I wanted to expand my reach on LinkedIn. Dumont wrote my profile and helped me create a strategy to find and land new clients. She helped me understand LinkedIn from my client’s perspective, and it was a total game changer. I doubled my investment in 6 weeks!